Yoga Massage Roller - Spot

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    • Type:Foam Roller
    • Size:13cm x 33cm Dimensions

    Key Features




    (1) You have the problems of tight and sore muscles from running,

         weightlifting, yoga, crossfit, pilates, Spartan athletes, football,

         basketball, soccer, tennis or play other sports. Or you have sore

         back from bad posture in front of computers.

    (2) When you go to gym, fitness or travel in the distance.

    (3) You want to relieve your soreness and joint pains immediately without

         time and place limits.




    (1) Enhance balance, pilate core abdominal, back stabilization, body awareness,

         muscle re-education, flexibility, and dynamic strength.

    (2) Trigger points stimulates circulation and gives a deep massage to exhausted,

         strained muscles.   Increase Oxygen flow which helps muscle recovery &

         rehabilitation.  Relieves muscle soreness and joint stress.

    (3) You can massage your sloe muscle or perform self-myofascial release by yourself;

         without the help of a personal trainer, physical therapist, or massage therapist.

    (4) Speed up recovery time and muscle repair after tough workout.




    (1) High density & elastic exterior foam can reduce the pain and bruises

         when you perform the massage.

    (2) Durable and flexible raised wave-shape foam on surface, designed

         to provide deeper acupressure to increase circulation, blood flow as

         well as help relieve pain in back, legs (calf muscles, quads, IT bands)

         and arms effectively.

    (3)Light, easy to clean and portable.



    Weight: 540g

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